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SJ 284 is a ten compartment, steel bodied, air-conditioned twinette sleeper carriage which was built in the South Australia Railways Workshop at Islington as joint stock for The Overland running between Melbourne and Adelaide. It entered service in December 1950 and was originally given the name Dorai.

About 1955 the carriage was fitted with Bradford Kendall (BK) bogies and in 1970 it was converted to head-end power.

In June 1972 the carriage was sold to VR, renumbered to No.14 Sleeper and repainted into VR blue livery. It entered service on the overnight Vinelander between Melbourne and Mildura in November 1972. After the split up of VR in 1983 the carriage was subsequently renumber to SJ 284 and repainted into orange V/Line livery.


The Carriage remained on the Vinelander until the service was withdrawn in 1993. Since then it has been in storage until VicTrack allocated custody of the carriage to 707 Operations in early 2011.

The carriage has undergone a complete service and repair of corrosion damage at Newport and is certified for mainline operation.

Revised: 27 January 2015.