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Sleeping Car 'Wando' is the oldest vehicle in the Seven-O-Seven Operations fleet, entering service on the 14th of September, 1923. 'Wando' was built by the Victorian Railways at Newport Workshops for the Mildura line service. The car followed on from previous E-type sleeping cars built for 'The Overland' from 1907 to 1923, except a 10th compartment was added at the gentleman's end. The smoking lounge contains two berths that were charged at a lower rate than the other compartments if used, along with some additional leather chairs.


Interior of a compartment in the night position.

In 1939, Wando was recoded to Sleeping Car No. 5, following on from the three W-Type sleeping carriages and E-Type car 'Buchan'.

When the 'Train of Knowledge' was introduced by the Victorian Railways in 1965, Sleeping Car No. 5 frequently appeared on the school camp on wheels, carrying students and teachers around Victoria.

In 1984, the original name of 'Wando' was restored to the vehicle when the 'Train of Knowledge' stock was refurbished, which included replacing the upholstery and carpets, repainting, revarnishing wooden fixtures and the fitting of retention toilets.


Corridor view of Wando.

After 67 years of service, 'Wando' was withdrawn from traffic and allocated to 'AREA', then transferred to 'Seymour Loco Group' in 1994.

Wando was reallocated in 2017 to Seven-O-Seven Operations Inc. and continues to provide comfortable sleeping accomodation on overnight tours. Each compartment features a bunk bed and washbasin, with wardrobes for each passenger as well as two windows that can be opened to enjoy the fresh air.

Last Updated: 18 January 2023