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DT 318 was completed in Newport Workshops on 3rd June 1959 and numbered BP 91. It was fitted with BX “box express” bogies. On 20th September 1963 plain bearings were fitted at Ballarat North Workshops and van re-numbered to BB 91. The BX bearings were re-fitted at Ballarat North Workshops and the number reverted to BP 91 on 29th November 1974.

As part of the 1979 recoding, the BP vans were re-numbered to VBPY where the PY indicated that the vans had passenger speed (115km/h, 70mph) bogies. BP 91 was changed to VBPY 91 at Ballarat North Workshops on 29th February 1980.

From 1983 all the VBPY vans were recoded to “D”. VBPY 91 was re-numbered D 318 at Newport Workshops on 18th October 1984.

DT318 at Newport. 05/01/2009. P.Dupree.The van is painted with the number DT 318. This indicates that the van is “through wired” for head end power between the engine and carriages. Although several vans carried the DT designation it was never an official classification.

DT 318 was allocated to 707 Operations in late 1994.



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