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BS 205

BS 205 was built at Newport Workshops as one of a batch of eleven additional first class compartment carriages (AS 6 to 16) constructed between 1940 and 1952 for the Spirit of Progress. It was completed in May 1950 and numbered AS 14. The carriage had eight compartments of six seating positions (total 48 seats). In December 1983 it was modified and re-classified as economy class with eight seats per compartment (total 64 seats). It became BS 205.

During 2014 707 Operations undertook a full repaint and refurbishment of BS 205. The carraige now joins out fleet in 707 Operations red livery with grey roof.

The carriage was withdrawn from traffic in March 2021 and entered the workshops for a full repaint and heavy overhaul. It is expected to return to traffic towards the end of 2021.


BS 212

BS212 at Newport. 10/11/2007BS 212 also started life as one of the additional eleven Spirit of Progress first class compartment carriages built between 1940 and 1952. It was completed in May 1949 and numbered AS 13. In July 1953 it was modified to have four first and four economy Class compartments and re-number ABS 2. It was one of two such carriages attached to the overnight Overland between Melbourne and Adelaide with the purpose of conveying passengers to intermediate Victorian country towns of Stawell and Horsham.

It November 1972 the first Class accommodation was converted to economy class and the carriage re-numbered BS 15. In June 1983 it was re-numbered to BS 12. The final re-numbering to BS 212 occurred in May 1984.

In service with 707 Operations, the carriage retained it's West Coast Railway livery until overhaul and repaint was completed in January 2021. It has since been outshopped in the Victorian Railways Blue and Gold livery.

Last Updated: 01 May 2021