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R753 was built by the North British Locomotive Company Limited in Glasgow, Scotland and allocated the builders number 27042 (the builders plate is mounted on the smoke deflectors).

R753, together with R756 was shipped aboard the MV Jason and landed at Nelson Pier, Williamstown, on 11 February 1952. It entered service on 28 May 1952.

The locomotive led an uneventful life and was withdrawn from service on 26 October 1965 having completed 212,334 miles (341,645km). After some years in storage at Newport Workshops it was allocated to 707 Operations.

R753 boiler being shunted outside 707 Operations Newport Workshop. 14/01/2006. G.Cornish.R753 has been dismantled and its foreseeable future is as a source of spares for R707.

Last Updated: 28 December 2008

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