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Conditions of Travel

Passengers travelling on Vintage Rail Travel Trips are bound by the conditions listed below. Acceptance of a ticket is deemed as acceptance of these conditions.


The safety of our passengers is of paramount importance to Vintage Rail Travel and passengers are required to listen to, and follow. any safety instructions issued by Vintage Rail Travel Marshals. In particular we request that passengers:

  • do not open doors or alight from carriages until the train has stopped at stations
  • keep corridors and aisles free of obstructions
  • keep children under supervision - especially when in the open-sided power van
  • do not leave the platform and trespass on railway property at stops during the trip. Photography is welcome but pictures must be taken from station platforms or from outside the boundary fences surrounding the station, operating rail lines and sidings. The authorities take trespass very seriously and incidents place at risk the future of heritage rail travel in Victoria.

Please note: Vintage Rail Travel does not accept bookings for children 17 years old or younger unless the booking also includes at least one adult person.

Trip Cancellation / Variation

Vintage Rail Travel will endeavour to run the trip as advertised but, for reasons beyond our control (such as locomotive unavailability, a declared fire ban preventing the use of a steam locomotive, or track maintenance) it may be necessary to use a substitute locomotive or to vary or cancel all or a section of the trip. Refunds will only be made in the event that the trip is cancelled.

Vintage Rail Travel cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred by passengers arising out of late running of the trip.

In the event that the trip is terminated part way, Vintage Rail Travel will make arrangements for the return of passengers to the starting point of the trip.


We will refund your ticket purchase price in the event that:

  • The trip is cancelled
  • If you are unable to travel due to illness or other serious cause and you notify us not less than seven (7) days before the date of the trip
  • The trip is rescheduled and you are unable to travel on the new date.


Use of personal information provided when a person completes a booking form for a mainline steam trip run by Vintage Rail Travel / 707 Operations Inc. is limited to the administration procedures of the trip but may also be used to advise customers of future trips to be run by Vintage Rail Travel.

Information held on the 707 Operations data base is confidential and will not be provided to a third party

Credit Cards

707 Operations operates a encrypted, fully secure, system for processing credit card bookings.

Smoking and Alcohol

Passengers must not smoke or take BYO alcohol on board the train. 707 Operations is not licenced to permit the consumption of BYO alcohol.

High Visibility Jackets

Passengers must not wear high visibility safety jackets on, or in the vicinity of the platform, or on the train. Only members of the 707 Operations service crew who hold appropriate "rail safety awareness" qualifications and whose duties require them to operate trackside are permitted to wear these jackets. Other 707 Operations crew members wear "Vintage Rail Travel" jackets when on duty.

This requirement is necessary to ensure that crew members can be easily identified to eliminate the possibility of confusion in the event of an emergency.

Revised: 29 June 2016.