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Heritage Steam and Diesel to Sea Lake

Featuring The Silo Art Trail by coach

We would like to invite you to join 707 Operations on our first steam hauled slow rail cruise for 2021 onboard THE GRAINLANDER as we journey to Mallee Country in Northern Victoria. We'll journey in style from Melbourne, along the branchline from Korong Vale to Sea Lake travelling in heritage sleeping carriages that will be hauled by our heritage steam and diesel locomotives. Along the journey, you'll have time to explore regional communities that are usually forgotten such as Maryborough, Sea Lake, Wycheproof and Nullawil. Along the way, you'll transfer to air-conditioned road coaches for a tour of the now famous Victorian Silo Art Trail. Make new precious memories that you'll not easily forget and makee new friends on this COVID-Safe weekend slow rail cruise. Book your tickets here.R707NUL.JPG

The hustle and bustle of Melbourne's Southern Cross Station is easing in the evening, however at 10.10 pm THE GRAINLANDER will wake up the station, as the whistle is sounded announcing our departure. Join your fellow travellers and tour organisers in one of two luxury Club Carriages with a welcome aboard drink and evening supper in as we head west toward Ballarat and Maryborough. Retire to your private sleeping cabin for an evening of rest your steam hauled slow rail cruise climbs up the Great Dividing Range through Bacchus Marsh, on through Ballarat and Maryborough during the night.

On Saturday morning, watch the beautiful sunrise over Mallee country as we approach Charlton and Wycheproof. Start Saturday morning with a cooked breakfast as we continue deeper into Victoria's grain belt, or get up close and personal with R 707 at Wycheproof as the locomotives and provisioned and serviced for the journey ahead. We'll have 90 minutes at Wycheproof before the journey continues and we arrive into Sea Lake, at around 11.00 am. In Sea Lake, the town centre is very close to the train station, and you'll be able to explore some of the shops and hotels that Sea Lake has to offer.

Transfer to luxury road coaches for the next stage of your slow rail cruise. This is a journey like no other, in the heart of Mallee country, you'll journey along the now famous Silo Art Trail. Your Silo Art Trail journey today will travel to four or five works of art, (as time permits) from Sea Lake to Patchewollock then South to Lascelles, Rosebury, Brim and Sheep Hill. You'll meet back up with the train and your sleeping accomodations later this evening in Wycheproof, just in time for dinner.


Twinette Sleeper Roomette Sleeper Non-AC Twinette WANDO

On Sunday morning, breakfast is served fresh before we travel to one last Silo Art display, and this is certain to become a highlight of your weekend. The train will travel a short distance to Nullawil, where you'll have the opportunity to leave the train, and photograph the steam engine and our heritage carriages as it sits under Smug's Nullawil Silo artwork. Sam Bates (Smug) is the artist who transformed the face of the Nullawil silo.

After Nullawil, we commence the all-daylight rail cruise back to Melbourne. Enroute, the steam engine will be quickly topped up with water and provisioned for the long journey ahead. Relax and enjoy Sunday afternoon as we travel south, pausing briefly in Maryborough for another splash of water. Onwards, Ballarat for dinner, then a quick run into Melbourne, Southern Cross, where our train will arrive and terminate at 9.10 pm.

We also have the option of one-way travel from Maryborough and Ballarat to Melbourne Sunday, including dinner.

Our heritage train features:

- Cafe Hudson espresso bar

- Licenced Club Carriages Victoria and Lounge Car 708

- Air conditioned restored 1950's carriages

- Relaxed vintage travel atmosphere

- Cooked breakfasts each morning

- A range of travel and sleeping options

- Two course dinner on Saturday night in Wycheproof

- Lunches both days on the train

- Dinner on the train on Sunday evening


Travel Options

We have range of travel options for the trip (weekend trip options include all meals) including:

- The NAM Carriage: Premium Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private shower and wash basin, with private toilet facilities located in each sleeping compartment.

- The LAN Carriage: Premium Roomette private sleeping compartment for one person with lounge seat by day and bed by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a wash basin, with shared shower facilities located at the end of the carriage and shared toilet facilities located in this carriage.

- The SJ Carriage: Standard Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private shower and wash basin, with shared toilet facilities in adjoining carriages.

- WANDO Non-Air Conditioned Twinette: in our Edwardian carriage WANDO, private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private wash basin, with shared shower and toilet facilities located in adjoining carriages.

- Wycheproof locals day trip to join the train at Wycheproof for a day trip to Sea Lake (including lunch) and return to Wycheproof on Saturday 6 March.

- Wycheproof to Nullawill shuttle (rail-only) on Sunday 7 March.

- Wycheproof/Maryborough/Ballarat saloon seats for a one way trip to Melbourne (includes meals) Sunday 7 March.

Our train is a COVID-Safe environment in line with Victorian Government requirements, including checkin and contact tracing for all passengers, enhanced cleaning of the train during the trip and refund policies.


Saloon Carriage Seating Compartment Seating

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The NAM Carriage - Premium Twinette Sleeper (for two people)
$995 pp
The LAN Carraige - Premium Roomette Sleeper (for one person)
$995 pp
The SJ Carriage - Standard Twinette Sleeper (for two people) $945 pp
WANDO - Non-AC Twinette Sleepter (for two people) $895 pp
Wycheproof to Sea Lake Adult (Saturday)
$60 pp
Wycheproof to Sea Lake Child (4 to 16 yrs) (Saturday) $35 pp
Charlton to Sea Lake Adult (Saturday) $70 pp
Charlton to Sea Lake Child (4 to 16 yrs) (Saturday) $45 pp
Wycheproof to Nullawill Shuttle Adult (Sunday) $40 pp
Wycheproof to Nullawill Shuttle Child (4 to 16 yrs) (Sunday) $20 pp
Maryborough/Ballarat to Melbourne - One Way (Sunday)
$100 pp
Wycheproof to Melbourne - One Way (Sunday) $200 pp
Motorcader Donation (1)

(1) For those motorcading our train to photograph, please consider donating towards the costs of running our trip - donate here. For your donation, we will provide a detailed schedule and tour notes 24 hours prior to departure and SMS updates should the train fall behind schedule in excess of 30 minutes.

Train Travel Times - subjct to confirmation

The following train times are approximate and subject to change. Please visit our website two days prior to departure to check for any updates.

To Sea Lake - Friday 7 May

Depart Southern Cross Station
10.10 pm
Ballarat (Saturday)
2.10 am
Charlton 7.30 am
Wycheproof 8.20 - 9.10 am
Sea Lake
11.15 am - 12.30 pm
Arrive Wycheproof 2.05 pm

From Wycheproof - Sunday 9 May

Depart Wycheproof (Sunday) 9.30 am
Nullawill 10.10 - 10.50 am
Wycheproof (Sunday)
11.30 - 12.30 pm
3.25 - 4.50 pm
Ballarat 6.00 pm
North Shore (Geelong) 8.00 pm
Arrive Southern Cross Station
9.10 pm

Please note for this trip we will not be boarding passengers at our Newport Depot.

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Revised: 29 November 2020