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Steam to the 2018 Manangatang Cup

via Swan Hill and Piangil

Sleeper Weekend Tour

Friday 12 to Sunday 14 October

Swan Hill - Piangil Shuttle tickets avaliable for purchase on Saturday and Sunday from our volunteers on the train.

707 Operations announces an amended trip to Manangatang via Swan Hill and Piangil with a Sleeper tour to Swan Hill Friday 12 to Sunday 14 October for the 2018 Manangatang Cup. Due to no longer being able to take our train directly to Manangatang instead, join 707 Operations as we take the first R class steam locomotive R707 to Piangil with two nights of unique overnight travel along with our heritage diesel train and carriages to Swan Hill and Piangil for the famous Manangatang Cup. Book your tickets here.

An evening departure from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station at 10.15 pm, we will begin with a welcome aboard drink and nibbles in our lounge carriages as we head northward to Bendigo and Swan Hill. Retiring to your sleeping cabin for an evenings rest as we climb up the Great Dividing Range through Kyenton, on through Bendigo and north to the Murray during the night.

Arriving into Swan Hill at 6.30 am, we will wake for breakfast and a 8.00 am shuttle trip to Piangel with the train before returning to Swan Hill at 10.30 am. Take our option of a coach to the Manangatang race track and the 2018 Manangatang Cup for the first race at 1.00 pm (with entry included in your fare) or stay in Swan Hill and take a paddle steam ride on the PS Pyap Saturday afternoon (included in your fare). Or add-on shaded seating on the trackside lawns with in our mini marquee or market umbrella seating.

Enjoy a country day out at the races before taking the coach back to Swan Hill or stay for the evening in the Ladbrokes Big Shed with the live bands.


Twinette Roomette Non AC Twinette

Sunday morning we have 8.40 am (updated) departure for our second shuttle to Piangil (return to Swan Hill at 11.20 am). Enjoy a late morning stroll in Swan Hill before our 12.40 pm departure to return toward Melbourne. With stops at Bendigo (3.30 pm), We also have the option of one-way travel from Swan Hill to Melbourne Sunday afternoon.

Our heritage train features:

- Cafe Hudson espresso bar

- Licenced Club Carriages

- Air conditioned restored 1950's carriages

- Relaxed vintage travel atmosphere

- Continental breakfasts each morning delivered to your berth

- A range of travel and sleeping options

- Lunches on the train

- Sunday dinner on the train

- Light snacks on the train throughout the trip

Travel Options

We have range of travel options for the trip (with all travel options including all meals excluding Saturday dinner, entry to the 2018 Manangatang Cup or paddle steamer cruise in Swan Hill on the the PS Pyap) including:

- Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private shower and wash basin, with toilet facilities located in adjacent carriages.

- Roomette private sleeping compartment for one person with lounge seat by day and bed by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a wash basin, with shower and toilet facilities located at the end of the carriage.

- Non-Air Conditioned Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private wash basin, with toilet facilities located at the end of the carriage and shower facilities in adjacent carriages.

- Swan Hill saloon seats for a one way trip to Melbourne Sunday 14 October, including dinner on the train.

- Swan Hill local shuttles between Swan Hill and Piangil Saturday (8.00 am) and Sunday (8.40 am - updated) mornings with our steam locomotive.


Saloon Carraige Seating Compartment Seating

Book tickets here.


Twinette Sleeper (for two people)
$845 pp
Roomette Sleeper (for one person)
$845 pp
Non-Air Conditioned Twinette (for two people) $795 pp
Swan Hill to Melbourne - One Way (Sunday)
$100 pp
Trackside Marquee lawn seating at Manangatang $49 pp
Shuttle Adult Swan Hill and Piangil return (Saturday or Sunday) $40 pp
Shuttle Child (3 to 16 yrs) Swan Hill and Piangil return (Saturday or Sunday)
$20 pp
Motorcader Donation (2)

(1) For those motorcading our train to photograph, please consider donating towards the costs of running our trip.

Train Travel Times - Confirmed

The following train times are approximate and subject to change. Please visit our website two days prior to departure to check for any updates.

To Swan Hill and Piangil - Friday 12 October

Depart Southern Cross Station
10.00 pm
Bendigo 2.15 am - 3.30 am
Arrive Swan Hill Station
6.30 am

Saturday Shuttle - 13 October

Swan Hill Station 8.00 am
Piangil 9.10 am - 9.30 am
Swan Hill Station 10.40 am

From Swan Hill - Sunday 14 October

Sunday Shuttle - 14 October

Swan Hill Station
8.40 am (updated)
9.50 am - 10.10 am
Swan Hill Station
11.20 am
Depart Swan Hill for Melbourne
12.40 pm
3.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Arrive Southern Cross Station
7.40 pm

Please note for this trip we will not be boarding passengers at our Newport Depot.

Steam to the 2018 Manangatang Cup flyer.

Book your tickets here.

Revised: 12 October 2018