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ACZ 255 was one of thirteen first class open saloon carriages with 12 rows of 2+2 seats (total 48 seats) built between 1956 and 1959. It was completed at Newport Workshops in December 1957 and numbered AZ 5.

In 1962-63 five of the carriages were converted to run on the standard gauge between Melbourne and Sydney. They were re-numbered VBK 1 to 5. AZ 5 remained on the broad gauge.

In June 1981 the seating layout of AZ 5 was increased by two rows to 14 (total 56 seats).

To make better use of the under-occupied first class accommodation, and to implement the operation of fixed carriage set running, the broad gauge carriages were modified to included a guards van compartment. The compartment included a seat, desk, periscope and an emergency brake pipe cock. The change removed one row of seats reducing seating capacity to 52. The carriage was modified at Bendigo North Workshops and re-numbered ACZ 255 in August 1984.

The seats recline and may be reversed making the carriage ideal for families or group booking.


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